technological plants

Qualified professionals in plumbing, electrical and bathroom-design plant engineering, with experience of almost 50 years.


Termotecnica Della Giustina Srl combines personel and skills of 3 different sectors: installations, assistance and maintenance, décor and bathroom-design. Thanks to its qualified staff, the experience gained over the years and the several certifications obtained,we are able to design, realize and manage the most appropriate solutions in order to maximize the energy efficiency in any kind of property, guaranteeing the highest standards of innovation and reliability.


Our ISO9001 standards certification ensures reliability in terms of organization, efficiency and respect of the deadline thanks to the ability of each operator and the continuous synergy between technical and operational resources..


Bathroom is very important for us, it is not just a functional room but a space to immerge yourself in and to take care of your body and achieve physical and mental wellness, inspired by refined furniture and unique finishes with specific products and lightning solutions.


hydraulic systems' consultation and design:
heating, thermal power stations, pellet, wood chips, air and water treatment, fire protection system, bathroom furniture and design


electrical systems consultation and design:
home automation, lightning system, safety, control panels